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Your most precious asset: Your vehicle inventory.
Do you make the most of it?

Do you stock the right vehicles?

Your Objectives:


Keep track of your vehicle inventory of available vehicles in stock and on order across all your locations.

• Maintain information about related cost and expenses past and present.

• Keep an accurate status of every vehicle and sales proposal.

• Analyze your customer demand, sales history and profitability to make decisions about which vehicles to stock.

• Enable quick web access to your vehicle inventory from all your locations.

• Keep track of sales new and pre-owned and identify top performing pre-owned vehicles.

• Match newly added stocks with older sales leads.

You need on line real time information to help you make better decisions about your inventory, so you can reduce costs, improve vehicle turnover and increase sales.

Tools provided by MyDealerSoft:

Vehicle inventory for both in stock and on order, new or pre-owned, by location, with all their features such as mileage, price, options accessories and more.

• Quick web access to the vehicle inventory and on-line availability check through all locations.

• Access to the vehicle inventory using various search options such as by make, model, license plate number, chassis number, invoice and many more.

• For each vehicle information about average days it stayed in inventory.

• Produces current and accurate Reports of various types.
- Vehicles in stock in each or all locations.
- Sold by model, make, and more.
- By price, mileage, options and more.
- Leading pre-owned vehicles.

• Embedded reporting tools for creating flexible and customizable reports.

• Produces Recommendation reports for both new and pre-owned vehicle purchases based on past sales.

• Gives alerts for aging vehicles in stock.

• Quick and easy Inventory updates with new vehicles with just VIN entries; the system automatically updates make, model, year, and other critical data.

• Built in "VIN Checker" for accurate 17 digit VIN Numbers.

Keep a current database of Vehicles.

Manage it at carrying cost or cost of sales and suggested sales prices and/or margins.

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