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With  MyDealerSoft you will enjoy a full featured Dealer Management System as you know it and much more.

An Awarded Solution


MyDealerSoft is powered by E-ON RIX Business Financials & CRM, an E-ON INTEGRATION product, which has been awarded as Best Industry Solution for the automotive dealership at ®IBM Lotus Awards 2008.

E-ON RIX was also a finalist for Cloud Computing Innovation at ®IBM Beacon Awards 2010


Certified by IBM


E-ON RIX has been certified by ®IBM with SaaS (Software as a Service) Specialty.

Car dealer software business benefits
Business Benefits


Collaborative Environment

MyDealerSoft is an extended application platform that offers you a powerful collaborative working environment both in the boundaries of your own business and the outside world of your partners and customers.


Integration & Automation

Its functionality covers all your business so you do not you have to support various car dealer software components each covering only a part of your business and try to integrate them internally.



It is flexible and adaptable in the specific needs of your business. You can add users as you go, you can add more sites, or you can use more of the software functionality. All these are done with the use of parameters and there is no need for specialized IT personnel to set them up.

car dealer software saas benefits
SaaS - Software as a Service Benefits

MyDealerSoft is a Cloud Computing Application and it is offered as Software as a Service over the web. So it gives you more benefits compared to an on premises Software.


- 24X7 Anywhere Anytime Access


- Cost Effectiveness


- Real Value to Your Business


- Security


- Reduced Operating Costs


- Our commitment


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