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MyDealerSoft is run by a strong partnership of technology and business people with many years of experience in the automotives business.

This team will make sure that not only the software works but your business gets the tangible and measurable benefits at the bottom line.



MyDealerSoft is distributed in the US by RIX Auto Inc, a Stock-for-profit corporation under Chapter 180 of Wisconsin Statutes. RIX Auto is based in Kenosha, Wi and operates initially in the greater Chicago Metropolitan Area.



RIX Auto Inc. is drawing from the considerable R&D effort that was made all these years to develop new products and services, either to serve existing projects or just to introduce new web concepts to the market. As a result of this development process, today RIX Auto is in position to offer to the US market, internet products and solutions that cover a wide range of front-end and back office workflow procedures.



Mydealersoft, is based on “E-ON RIX Business, Financials & CRM” a product in the family of IBM partner solutions, which was named Best Industry Solution Automotives, at "2008, IBM Lotus Awards".

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