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car dealer software training

We help you startup the system through various comprehensive methods. We will offer an initial set of services to enable you and your people to start using the software.


These services include setting up the system´s parameters, users' training, configuration of the first necessary printout reports.


These services have specific duration in hours and they are provided immediately after signing the initial contract.

The price you pay per user also includes access to webinars, and integrated online training tools.


At a reasonable fee, we will visit your premises for local customized trainings. During these local sessions we will also consult you on how to upload your initial files and convert from other systems and on how to design your forms, reports and business processes.


car dealer software support
We provide telephone support for our car dealer software during the agreed working days and hours. We also have a specific web site where you can post your support requests.

Logic software errors are solved from our premises through the Internet with direct access to the system that resides in the data center.


Customer support through requests posted in our site does not include the visit of a technical employee of ours to the client's premises for the ad hoc solving of problems.


This service can be provided after special agreement of the financial terms of such a visit.

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