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MyDealerSoft Accounting & Financials

Access your accounting and your business finances anyplace, anytime over the web from any Internet connection or your mobile phone.


Give access to your accountants to your car dealer software so they use it without visiting your premises.
They can prepare accounting reports and share them with you, on line, real time.
No emails and no telephones.

Accounting & Financials, Journal Entries for General Ledger, Collections and Payments, Checks, Taxes and Expenses are all part of MyDealerSoft’s integrated functionality.


Sales, Finance, Service Parts and Inventories integrate seamlessly with the Accounting Module and share information and data. There are no double entries, no paper work no updating from excel or other files. Your accountants will get the information ready on the ledgers.


MyDealerSoft offers you a full featured and user friendly accounting platform, with on line queries, on-line General Ledger updates, journals and customers views.

What is provided by MyDealerSoft:

MyDealerSoft completely covers your dealership accounting with full statutory & reporting functionality.


  • General Ledger

  • Accounts Receivable and Payable

  • Inventories

  • Taxes

  • Bank Accounts and Cash Flow Management


A flexible chart of accounts, split accounts by Company (in a group) or by Business unit.

Integrated Accounting with all your DMS software.


Access current and accurate information about your sales and purchases, your collections and payments, your expenses and your inventories on-line at all times.


Manage your customers’ accounts and outstanding balances and payments all from a single place.


Manage your suppliers’ accounts and your outstanding balances and payments to them.


Use "automated payment cycles" to streamline the payment process to your network of dealershops. Have your system prepare payment proposals.


Get a customer or supplier fully integrated account statement on-line on your screen or to print.


Send it through system-generated email. No copy/paste no file attachments.


Eliminate interfaces, file updates and double entries.


Journal entries are seamlessly generated from Sales, Service and Parts transactions.


Standing, recurring, reversing entries post directly on General Ledger.




Access on line, real time current and accurate information  about your revenues, costs and profits and most importantly about your bottom line.

Get your Balance Sheet and P&L Reports over the internet.


Enhanced controls through a series of control reports and online screens.


Flexible accounting reporting and journals according to multiple filter criteria (by company, by unit, summarized, details, etc.)


Clickable general ledger entries and journals for drill down analysis.


Generate cash payments, proposals and collections forecasts (if Open Items technique is adopted in sales and purchase invoices).


Track invoices and collections. Attach notes and “to-do” items on an Invoice or Collection to get early alerts and warnings for to-do’s that are not properly processed.


Access your accounting anyplace, anytime .


Real-time collaboration between your departments, your locations and your accountants.


Interface with banks to transfer payments (offered as optional).


Get statistical analysis of journal entries up to 6 different levels the way you need it.


Track invoices and billings in a workflow manner.


Manage Checks. Keep track of checks issued or received, due dates, payments and more.


Manage your incoming and outgoing Expenses


Manage your inventory and get current on-line views for items in stock, sold and more.


See inventory transactions, sales, purchases and gross margins.


Calculate your sales taxes to prepare your tax forms.


Prepare your budgets and forecasts by estimating future revenue and expenses. Create "what if" scenarios.


Minimum time and effort for initial conversions and parameterizations and to import your existing and historical financial data.


Real time collaboration between your departments, your locations and your accountants. 

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