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MyDealerSoft Document Management

Your people must be able to share knowledge at all times wherever they are located.

Brochures, sales and technical literature are a valuable tool to achieve customers’ awareness.
Company guidelines and training material are vital for your day to day operations.


Your Objectives:


Enable everybody across departments and locations to share the most current set of sales and technical material.

• Enable everybody to access the most current company guidelines and training material.

• Print less and reduce costs.

What you can do with MyDealerSoft:


MyDealerSoft besides being a car dealer software is also a portal. It is extremely powerful for managing and distributing informative or promotional “documents” in any format as text, pictures, video and audio. “Documents” can be anything like Price Lists, Brochures, Color Ranges, Technical Specifications, Company Policy Books, Manuals, Newsletters and more.


Being able to distribute and manage digital documents simplifies and facilitates a great deal the communication and collaboration between your departments, locations or your business partners.


It also minimizes your costs for printing such kind of material.


You can create all kinds of documents, review them, approve and publish them through a comprehensive, flexible workflow process. They comply with the same rules of security and access as the rest of the system’s functionality.


You can make attachments to each document.

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