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MyDealerSoft Parts Department

Do you stock the right parts at all times?
Do you have a clear view of your stock?
Do you make profits from parts sales?



Your Objectives:


• Keep the optimum stock for each item. Decrease it when necessary.

• Know thoroughly your parts supply and demand.

• Maintain various price lists per item.

• Apply special discount campaigns for “family groups” of parts or accessories.

• Identify and dispose dead stock, slow moving and obsolete parts.

• See at all times the total quantities and stock values in your inventory.

• Have a clear view of gross margins.

Keep current databases of Parts in stock, on order, reserved and more.



Tools provided by MyDealerSoft



• A comprehensive easy to use database that enables you to search your parts inventory by manufacturer, type, category or code and location.

• View total quantities and stock values for each item or global.

• View cost accumulation and gross margin per item. (Automatic calculations by the system).

• Maintain various price lists per item. Cost and retail or wholesale prices, or customize your pricing structures with discounts and special pricing.

• Either interface to manufacturers, importers or wholesalers to access electronic lists or upload their files automatically.

• Store in your database supplier information, pricing lists and packaging ratios.

• Place orders to Manufacturers, Importers or Wholesalers.

• Get automatic forecasting for orders based on previous sales, current demand, minimum and maximum quantities on hand.

• Add parts to inventory directly from invoices.

• Update globally through a screen, price lists, discount policies, retail or wholesale prices per item.

• Present sales proposals to your customers for parts and accessories. View on-line availability. The items in stock are allocated automatically to the proposal and reserved. You can set expiration date for each proposal to release reserved items.

• A repair order to the Service Department can be generated automatically from the sales proposal.

• Purchase Orders and Invoices are fully integrated to Accounting. Invoices update automatically the General Ledger.

• View Reports and statistics for Parts Orders and Sales, per item, per vehicle model, per period and more. View parts history reports.

• Track sales by employee for commission purposes.

Automatic generation of repeat orders and links with Parts Suppliers.

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