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Can you turn leads into prospects into customers?

How do you keep track of your contacts with prospects?

Can you generate more business from existing customers?

Can you increase your customers’ satisfaction?



Your Objectives:


Never lose any lead, prospect or customer data.

• Track from one integrated platform all leads, prospect and customer visits to your shop or shops and their activity across all your locations.

• Always stay in touch with your leads, prospects and customers.

• Follow up with them to drive new sales

• Create and execute new marketing campaigns or keep in touch with mails and satisfaction surveys.

• Assign these tasks to individuals or teams to achieve accountability.

• Understand the “lifetime value” of each customer


Tools provided by MyDealerSoft:

MyDealerSoft is a car dealer software that provides a fully flexible parametrical workflow environment to ensure that CRM and Customer Care are served best.

It is completely integrated with Sales, Service, Parts, Vehicles and Accounting. This seamless integration ensures that your dealership operates on the same customer and transactional data—and gives you real-time visibility into your customer lifecycle—from lead to close to fulfillment. With MyDealerSoft, you can easily manage the entire customer lifecycle—from prospect to proposal to sales contract and to service. Anytime from anyplace.

• All modules are integrated with the CRM functionality in order to provide complete in-depth and up-to-the-moment information on prospect and customer activity and performance indicators.

• The connection provided between customer and vehicle enables pre-sales and after sales promotional activity. After a prospect visits your shop or after a sale is closed MyDealerSoft can automatically initiate marketing activities and events.

• Keep all activity in each prospect’s or customer’s history file. Never lose a record. This information is accessible to all your departments or locations. Add comments or update each activity, attach notes and “to-do actions” from any department or location the prospect or customer shows up. The system alerts early warnings for to-do’s that are not properly processed.

• Manage you customer requests and complaints. All of your Customer requests, complaints, enquiries, remarks etc. are kept into the system. A workflow is automatically initiated for the actions you will take to resolve each issue. You can also attach To-Do actions for future follow-up with your customer.

• Pre-set “to do actions” to be automatically scheduled for a future date, when an action takes place, today.

• Associate each activity with any expenses incurred in order to serve you customer.

• By keeping the customer’s activity and the expenses incurred in a single easy-to-access database you understand each customer’s “value” and better target your marketing activities towards them.

Keep and update their specific features, demands, complaints, special needs.


Manage repeating or one-time campaigns.


Run cross sales opportunities and loyalty schemes.


Maximize customer satisfaction.

What you can do with MyDealerSoft:

• You can manage your prospects and customers from one integrated platform.

• You will enter all prospect and customer information only once and it can be web accessed by all your locations and Departments - Sales, F&I, Service and Parts.

• Everything associated with your leads, prospects and customers like history and activity are kept into a single, easy-to-use database.

• You can assign lead responsibility to your salespeople and track the status and the success of follow-ups.

• Automate follow-ups.

• Respond to requests, analyze information.

• Remind your customers to come back to your dealership—for service, maintenance, or an additional vehicle.

• Create Lists of leads, prospects or customers. Create marketing activities for each list.

• Create and execute personalized campaigns.

• Follow up responsiveness so you can repeat your most successful campaigns in the future.

• Send e-mails and SMSs. Track responses.



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