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Business Benefits


  • One point access to all functionality and information that integrate seamlessly and link to each other

  • Integrated customer views with full Vehicle and Customer History

  • Automatic on line up dates of General Ledger following each transaction

  • To Do items and linked CRM actions like SMS's and e-mails.

  • "Walk Around" open system. With one or two “clicks” you access all the information and data that interest you without having to go in and out through the menus.

Better Collaboration and Communication


It is an extended application platform that offers you a powerful collaborative working environment both inside the boundaries of your own business and the outside world of your partners and customers.

All your business channels (sales, warehouse, back office) your partners (accountants, attorneys, suppliers) and your customers share through one point of access the same updated information according to the authorizations you have provided.

They collaborate and communicate more effectively through a secure platform infrastructure. No more telephones, faxes and exchange of e-mails. No more double entries.

Business Flexibility


Integrated CRM functions, embedded in the day-to-day processes, allow for a “full customer and car picture” that includes all transactions involving a custom

We have designed MyDealerSoft for quick and easy deployment.

You can upload new functionality and new users in minutes no matter their location local or remote, since their computers need no specialized “Client PC” software or any local files or databases.

All new releases are centrally controlled.

You take centrally the decisions on how you will use the software to solve your business problems and automatically it is deployed to all your Business Network. So business processes are totally consistent across.

MyDealerSoft really evolves and grows as your business does.


MyDealerSoft not only covers all your business functions, but it is also a fully integrated system and a tool to help your decision making.


Our car dealer software  offers you a powerful collaborative working environment to include your partners and customers and it has the required flexibility to evolve and grow with your business.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency


MyDealerSoft will automate and streamline your business processes.

You will enjoy 24X7 real time anyplace access.

Your people will need less time to complete tasks.

No more duplicate entries and data redundancy.

All your people have access through a single Web interface to all activities of your business.

Fewer Running Costs


With our car dealer software, you pay less to run your business.

- Less paper based manual procedures,

- Less telecommunications (faxes and telephones),

- Less administrative costs,

- Less data redundancy and inconsistencies.

Better Quality of Service to the End Customer


Integrated CRM functions, embedded in the day-to-day processes, allow for a “full customer and car picture” that includes all transactions involving a customer or a car.

Access to full history for Customer and Car across all business channels.

All Customers enjoy the same level of service, at any point of sales / service they apply, regardless of the size of a Dealership and its geographical location.

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