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Enjoy up to 70% reduction of your dealership's IT costs.

Eliminate costs for:


Software liceces





Tech Support

New Forms

Pricing is based on the specific needs of your business.


a. Initial Start Up Fee


This fee covers the start up services we will provide and covers:

- setting up the system´s parameters,

- users' basic training,

- configuration of the first necessary printout reports.

These services have specific duration in hours and they are provided immediately after signing the initial contract.

We can offer you extra consulting and IT services on how to upload your initial files and convert from other systems and on how to design your forms, reports and business processes at on as quoted basis plus travelling expenses.


b. Monthly Subscription Fees


These fees are pay as you go subscription fees per named user in the system and start at $70 per user for the standard DMS functionality.

These monthly fees are variable and depend on the number of the people that use the car dealer software at a certain period. If you decide on less users you will pay less fees.

There will be no hidden costs per year or per month. Not for any licenses, maintenance, upgrades, IT and Database administration, security, backups.

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